Instruction for Compatible Ricoh AF2550B drum unit

Suitable Machine:For Ricoh Aficio 2550B/3352 copier

Back-up listing:

You should prepare those things including a set of AF2550B drum unit, a bag of developer, a piece of empty cartridge, a inverted roller and a instruction for drum unit.(Make sure if drum unit or copier spare parts is intact before the next step.)

Operation of loading step:

Installation steps:

  1. Open the front and the side covers of the machine.
  2. Push drum unit top forward until it clicks.
  3. When the drum is installed, the outer side of the drum bottom seat must be flush with the edge of the machine.
  4. Close the front and side covers of the machine.
  5. The Copier is in place.

Initialization Process of Developer:

  1. Press the 【Clear Models】 key.
  2. Press the 【1】, 【0】, 【7】keys accordingly.
  3. Press the 【Clear/Stop】 key with five seconds;
  4. On the Screen, enter “SP Mode ” System, and then click [System Sp];
  5. Click [SP-2XXX▶  Drum], and then click [▼] ;
  6. Select and click [2801], and then click [EXECUTE];
  7. Wait for one minute until it shows “Completed”, and the click [exit];
  8. Turn off the copier, and waits for 30s to restart. Then it can be workable normally.



The following are words you should know when using drum unit

!Failure to initialize developer process, may result in issues including drum unit not to be used properly, printing quality declining and machine prompting to replace the drum unit, etc.

!Drum unit need to run-in with copier parts after installing. such as weak or poor results, generally print 10-15 or so carriers can be evenly adsorbed on the magnetic roller, the normal effect will appear.

!Recommend using original toner or brand toner such as RC-02,LCI-3003B,HG6210D and TTi220-1.If using the other brand toner leads to problems, the responsibility is not lies with our product.


Questions and Solutions:

Error Code

SC-542 SC-390

Defective Reason:

It is something wrong with thermostat temperature detection system.

TD Sensor detection is abnormally.


1. Following the initialization process of developer from 1 to 4 steps, the screen will enter into “SP Mode ” System and restart.

2. Check the thermistor.

3. Check the thermostat (round button under heat roller) whether if it dents or not.

1. The above error code appears, restart the copier to see if the problem wound be solved.

2. If it cannot be fixed, following the initialization process of developer from 1 to 4 steps,enter “SP Mode ” System.

3. Click [SP-5XXX▶ Mode], and click [▼] until you see [5810 SC Rest], and then select [5810 SC Rest]. Click [EXECUTE] ,and wait a minute until screen appears “Completed”.After those step, click [EXIT] and turn off the copier.Then restart the copier after 10 minutes later.



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